by Huldra

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released May 18, 2015

Zakk Mild- Guitar
Thom Latimer-Bass and Vox
Mike Cove- Drums
Chris Brea- Lead Vox

Recorded at Broken Box recording Company
Produced and Engineered by Travis Bacon and Huldra
Mixed by Travis Bacon
Mastered Damian Herring



all rights reserved


Huldra New Jersey

We are the musical equivalent of a blood eagle happening to you.

Four Pieces of Human coming together to make one piece of Metal.

North Jersey
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Track Name: Braindead
Brain dead

Now you have awakend me

Higher and higher coming to fruition

A massive size now resting beutifully in my eyes

And endless void of infinite skies

Starving for direction

we burn our homes

karmic souls / Poems

We set our bodes ablaze

Im staying in, pulling in suffering

Pave our way

Oh illusive creature be my preacher

my eye and ear my true pioneer
Track Name: Buried Alive
She soared above hell, an eagle temptress
Whoring for souls in this mortal world
She ran from regret

a world in which the soul is bound a victim

Self offered

The soul is bound a victim

Self offered

Self driven heresy

Were just one in the same

the past is a sequence of infinite nows

Fade away to a dismal pace to a distant place

Its like being buried alive

Voices in my head come as a test

One by one imprisoned

The great cosmetic deception

In this cycle of death mankind is drowning

an ouroboros in play

we have no sympathy for those who sleep

and may the jilted light guide us all

Its like being buried alive

voices in my head as a test

One by one imprisoned
Track Name: Bound
Crowded grounds crawl with ill will and self absorbed parasites

I dont trust the imperial motive

Their tongues practice deceit

Their dwelling eyes are infested with doom,

forever dinning

Incased in blood

Burning vipers endless void

Serpents re-deploy Their tongues practice deceit

coughing spewing cockroaches

cascades of burning sewage

We will swarm like locusts

There is a method to this madness
You're operating in a place of ignorance

A never ending torment

We walk alone

Nailed back up against the wood crucified

We will search for death and will not find it

No no no

no longer a victim but a master

I’ve seen the future

I’ve seen the future its fucking gray

swarm like locust take back our plague

swarm like locust take back our plague

to be maimed on uncertain grounds

fire from every fucking direction

every body wants something to call there own

Elevate the spirit forget the flesh

We walk alone