Pulling Us Down

by Huldra

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released August 29, 2014

Zakk Gilbert- Guitars
Thom Latimer- Bass, additional guitars, Backing Vocals
Chris Brea- Vocals
Mike Coviello- Drums and Backing Vocals

Recorded at Backroom Studios Rockaway New Jersey

Engineered and Mixed by Scot Moriarty




all rights reserved


Huldra New Jersey

We are the musical equivalent of a blood eagle happening to you.

Four Pieces of Human coming together to make one piece of Metal.

North Jersey

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Track Name: Pulling Us Down
The farther we run the deeper we drown
We are all in a grand delusion
Regret is all i am
In this world we are all forsaken
Hanging by the noose our own contrition
In this world we are all forsaken
In this world we are all mistaken
They march in flames, witness to all, pulling us down
Holding onto belief and possession
We are all spawns
spawns of nature searching to break a link to this
From the violence we adore
to the violins we endure

Ascending in to sin with a welcoming hymn

Focus your locust on the foulest prospects
Cast your forecasts so the past wont trespass
Focus your locust on the foulest prospects
Because the demon lyes in the mind of the martyr
Stored deep in these catacomb walls / halls
of my heart
A boiling supremacy rises and falls
Rises and Falls.
The past recycled.
Rises and Falls.
Pulling you down
Track Name: Maintain/Detain
Torn from my chest and laid at my feet,
Im whispering in the dark.
Surprised I could drown in such shallow waters.
But energy goes where focus flows
Maintain / Detain everything

As I relax to explosions an impending doom rises my emotions
Were stumbling across a false concept of reality
Unconscious to the forces against us

Everyone is born of the night and this pain we hold is pretentious
Were all stuck in this temporary bullshit
Realize that pain is your true pioneer

We hold our hands together in closed,
closed in tranced forever exposed
Empty no purpose
Talking in circles
Empty no purpose

We hold our hands together
Gathered in close
In trance